My son, age 51, has melanoma. He had leisons in his brain (3), lung (1), left leg (1) and on his adrenal gland (1). He had no external sores. He 1st noticed a problem with spasms in his left arm/hand in March 2015. He was admitted to Georgetown Hospital Lombardi Cancer Center, under Dr. McGibney. He had brain surgery to remove the lesion on the right side of his brain and gamma knife to the 2 remaining leisons and to the site of the surgically removed lesion. After healing and removal of the staples from surgery, he was placed on an expanded drug trial (Merck) of an infusion of Nivolumab and Ipilimumab, 4 treatments at 3 week intervals. It really activated his immune system. His major side affect was a red rash that required steroids to control, which, after the 4th treatment caused him to exceed the protocol time line and he was unable to continue in the trial. However, most of the leisons disappeared. The 2 remaining in his brain have shrunk around 80%. Now he has swelling of the necrosis (do to absorbtion of moisture?) which is applied pressure to optict nerve for left eye and headaches. The doctors are considering infusing assist in removing the necrosis. What are your thoughts.