This is my first month on Aviane. During week 2, I accidentally missed 2 pills (non-consecutive days--like a Tuesday and Thursday, quickly making up for them Wednesday and Friday, respectively). Six days after the second missed pill, I stayed with my boyfriend and we used our backup method, withdrawal for the remainder of the month just to be safe.

I'm on day 4 of the reminder pills and as expected, I started bleeding late afternoon, so I used a tampon. Later, when I removed my tampon I noticed that the blood was dried and brown. Usually on my first day of my period, I bleed pretty heavily, but this time it was extremely light, and only lasted a day.

I've been on a type of birth control pill before, and when my period came while I was on this type of pill, it still lasted about 4-5 days.

Is there a chance that I may be pregnant? Or is this normal for my body to adjust to the new pill, and to missing two pills during week 2?