... filthy four. I have a in head thematic brain injury when I was 42. In my area there is no help or support..I'm married with on children. Day by day, although I keep my self busy, I am more and more unable to get what I need done. I have a women coming in five days a week to clean and help. I go to Cleveland clinic for my neurologist. I'm wondering what the the myasthenia gravis will do to the Autonomic and how will I know what to look for? Thank you your time. Susan Welsh I have stopped eating five years ago, I live on yogurt and liquids. Tried feed tube,way to much pain. Unclear why, which is not unusual for me. Pain is awful always . Every inch in of me. I live on meds all day long, and in the night at times. My gate is pour and my coordination is poor. Site is off. It would be good to know about what will come. Before the car accident, I was very active, healthy . I have had seizures in the pass, but not for eight years. I am never hungry, I never vomit . Not in fifteen years. All by blood work comes back good. ?? I have trouble keeping my eyelids open, I have Migraines in my eyes a all the time, 5 to 9 times a day. Pain gets through my wall non-stop. Deep in both my arms and legs . I hide it, and I hate it. Autonomic for I'
my guessing around seven years. I was told in October about the myasthenia gravis. Lungs are clear, but at times it feels like a sock has been pushed down my throat. Voice is affected, I chock when I drink this is new. I've read up on this all. Waited four years for the Autonomic to be diagnosed. So that is that. Unable to find a support group for this, thank you very much. Merry Christmas. Sue