Still undiagnosed I am wondering about my symptoms (have been since high school 15+ years ago). Here are my symptoms over that time.
BTW,. most of these symptoms occur in "spells" and then remit for some time.
-extreme crushing fatigue (doesn't matter how much/little good/bad quality of sleep I get
--I have Raynauds of my fingers. In high school it was so bad that I had it in my mouth on my tip of tongue and lips... not anymore
--cotton mouth/topngue
--mouth and tongue sores
--hair loss
--fall asleep driving (last 8-10 yrs).
--headaches (comes and go)
--explosive diarrhea (comes and goes mixed with constipation
--ankles give out
--llip blisters from sun
--swollen fingers
--pain under left breast when deep breathing (more so while laying down)P
--have asthma but have started having to use 2 pillows to sleep better at night.

I think that is it, but not sure... We are waiting on a sleep study. She did do a rheumatoid blood test, but not sure which ones... she said they were neg, so I can't have RA, etc. I honestly think i may have lupus, but who knows... I am getting so tired right now during this spell that I just want to crawl in bed, but I can't because I have 3 childre... 2 are under the age of 4... please help!