... 18 years of being on cortisone steroids for secondary adrenal insufficiency, we are lowering my Hydrocortisone dose from 10 mg. to 5 mg., and he thinks we might actually be able to get me off of it altogether!! I had always been told that, once you have been on the cort. steroids for a long period of time, you will have to stay on them the rest of your life... but maybe that will turn out to be wrong... I think what has finally turned this situation around is the fact that I started treating with a homeopathic healer, 8/09, and have been taking her supplements faithfully ever since! It has been a slow process, and expensive, but if I can actually get my Life back, it will be worth it!!! She has also nearly cured my long standing IBS and we are now working on my low thyroid and lipids