I am a 30 year old autistic mom with a 7 year old autistic son. We both exhibit symptoms resembling ADHD, OCD, and BIpolar Disorder. Along with the Sensory processing, social awkwardness, and anxiety that go along with it. Our problem is that we are both on so many meds, strong meds, that the side effects and the drug interations are causing more problems than our actual diagnosis would alone. My son, who is THE SWEETEST BOY ever, would never want any thing bad to happen to even his worst enemy, and loves his mommy more than life its self, has been physically attacking me. Choking me, hitting me, kicking me, trying to smother me, and when he regains control after his fit from whatever sets him off whether sensory or just being a 7 year old, he doesn't even remember what happened during his fit at all. When he finds out what happens... he weeps... and I don't me cry, I mean weeps, because he did that to his mommy, and begs me to forgive him. He goes to the neurologist in a couple of weeks and they want me to take him off of a few of his meds to see it that helps. I am wondering if we should both get off of most of them and see what we absolutely have to have. I am not coping so well with my meds either. One minute i feel like i can hear and see and smell and feel everything around me all at once without being able to stop it or dull anything out, to just being completely and utterly nub. I'm anxious all of the time to the point that I constantly have knots in my stomach, and with my meds to help my ADHD symptoms just make everything more hightened. (Senses and anxiety). Its obviousely not working so why do this to our selves right? Now i know you aren't supposed to do it without your Dr.'s help, and I'm not. I just need to know what to come at him with as far as a plan. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!