... after reading all the bad things about the generic. Last Tuesday when I refilled my script they didn't ask me (generic or brand) and gave me generic. When I got home I didn't have time to fuss so just took it and got on. Anyway 2 hrs later driving my sons to drama class I started crying about someone who died 10 years ago (which is a strange thinge for me to do), then when we got to drama I had a mini meltdown in the carpark because someone was there who I didn't want to be (I'm only 50) Then the vomiting, dizziness, pins& needles and, hallucinating started. I thought I had really bad flu .I couldn't keep anything down. This went on for 5 days until I went back to pharmacist and demanded he give me name brand. He did but said they are all the same.Two days later I am starting to feel a little better. Has this happened to anyone else? How can they all be the same? It seems like my body was put on a high dose of a completely different drug and just did not cope. Anyone anything similar at all?