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Is augmentin compatible with clavamox? my dachsund has bladder stones and I can't afford the surger?

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kaismama 14 Jun 2013

Do not give your dog anything without the vet ordering it. If they put the dog on meds they know what to order. I'm pretty sure that clavamox is augmentin.

happybrandee 14 Jun 2013

barbi9222... I have a dachshund and she has had bladder stones. She had her first surgery to remove 2 stones when she was 2 yrs old, (she is 5 and 1/2 now) and she just had her second surgery back in Feb. to remove 2 more! I understand what you mean about the cost of the surgery! It is expensive, what we did was we saves a little every week when we could and we took our change everyday and put it into a can that we marked "Muffin's Surgery" and you will be amazed as to how much you can save in a short period of time! Also, you can ask your vet about a something called CareCreditis basically a credit program that you can get for your pet that you can use for things like this. Just go to and see if you can get some help there.

barbi9222 15 Jun 2013

my doxie with the stones is a 5 year old female. I found out she had stones one night when she was moaning really bad and I went to my vet who has a 24 hr emergency pet hospital. the did x rays and thats how they found them... She has been on ketacam and clavamox twice now. He restarted her on it yesterday for the third time... I have Care Credit but I used it for their yearly checkups... I have 4 doxies and a pit bull.

happybrandee 15 Jun 2013

awww... your poor little girl :( I don't know if the antibiotic will do much for her stones unless she is actually having an infection with them. How many stones does she have? My doxie, never really showed any symptoms of pain, she just had blood in her urine and she would lick her privates alot because she had some irritation. (excuse my spelling). Muffin is my only dachshund, we also have a part pitbull, part beagle, and we used to have a father and son who were part Rottie part lab but they both died of old age last year. Muffin is the first dog that I have had that had to deal with bladder stones. If your doxie is not having any pain right now , then she should be ok. I know how expensive the surgery is, we had it done twice.

barbi9222 16 Jun 2013

ok, I, too have a fb barbi9222 I think thats what its under... or barbi torres. go ahead and friend me.

DzooBaby 14 Jun 2013

An antibiotic wont do much for bladder stones unless there is infection along with the stones. It will clear up infection but it wont do anything to clear up the stones. The main treatment for that is usually surgical removal. Sometimes, if you cannot afford a needed surgery for your animal, the Humane Society will do it but you will have to relinquish your dog. Check around though, there may be a lower cost clinic. Private vets can be very expensive but some clinics will do work much cheaper than a private veterinarian. Many places will let you set up a payment plan. Dont let your little dog suffer because you cant afford to take care of him. I know very well how difficult it is but if he is hurting, something has to be done. Call around.

barbi9222 15 Jun 2013

OH NO! I won't give my dog up! I will call and ask the Humane Society if they know of a cheaper place I can take her to... unfortunately, I have complete trust in my vet and would prefer he take care of her.

happybrandee 15 Jun 2013

I would never tell someone to give their pet up!!! I agree, don't give your pet up, there is always a way to help your pet, how could anyone be so heartless as to tell someone to give their pet away??? I have Dachsunds too... my dachshund had to have bladder stone surgery twice in her 5 and 1/2 years on this earth and I would have NEVER given her up!! I'm sorry Dzoo, I normally agree with everything that you post, but I have to disagree with you this time!!

DzooBaby 18 Jun 2013

I didnt say she had to, it is just an option-that is why I added extra information about getting it done at other places. It is more cruel to keep a dog and let them live in pain because you cant afford to do what is best for him. The Humane Society will do an operation for free but you usually have to relinquish your dog to get it done for free. If there is no other option and you truly cant afford it and have no other way to get it done, then you have to do what is best for the animal no matter how heartbreaking it may be. I would try everything in my power to find a way first-relinquishing a pet would be an absolute LAST option, of course-I am not so cruel as that! I know how hard it is to have to give up an animal because I had to do it once. Not because I couldnt afford his vet care though. It was just the best thing I could have done for the dog at the time. free discount card

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