Been to ER 3-4 times, as well as, primary care physician and couple specialists. No one has given me any 'Good Explanation' of what this is or why it is Happening. It happens regularly now about every month and half and lasts about a week. Depending on the severity(which almost every time it happens, there's at least 1-2 days that I am unable to even stand on them.
The only thing I've been told by 1 ER Dr. Was that it was cellulitis caused by some infection. No other reason has been given as to what could be causing this to happen on regular basis.

My real question today though is: Can Augmentin 875 be used as a primary antibiotic for my issue. I've got a script for some that hasn't been filled yet, so I'd like to avoid another costly ER visit just for some antibiotics, since that's all they will do anyway(at least all they have done the last 4-5 visits bc of this issue. Never received Augmentin though.

Please Advise!

Thanks so much!

Jeff R George