... insight from people who understand what I'm going through. I would like to learn from your experiences. I am almost 50, recently diagnosed with ADHD and struggling through my third major depressive episode in 25 years. I came off Wellbutrin in 2016 and the most problematic symptoms were ADHD related but as I tried to seek help (you know how long this takes waiting to see doctors, referrals etc. etc.) symptoms of depressions started escalating and life circumstances exacerbated everything by end of 2017. Since ADHD came first I prioritized treating the ADHD and I am now up to 70mg of Vyvanse. Jury is still out how Vyvanse is helping because symptoms of depression so I am seeking my next medication to help bring me into balance.

Does anyone in this group have both ADHD and Depression diagnosis like myself? Do you have any advice for me regarding medications that have worked and/or specialists that know how to treat both? I am so tired of attending appointments with doctors who can't help me.
thanks everyone