I have had lifelong difficulties concentrating and completing tasks. I am always daydreaming to the point where I visualize situations all the time and talk out loud the words I would be saying in those situations. I forget things all the time... my cell phone, keys, everything to the point where it annoys my friends. my house is a mess and I am so overwhelmed because I can't even keep to a schedule about doing everything it will take to clean it up. I always am twirling and twisting my hair to the point where I've ruined its curly structure and it's frizzy and wavy now. I have difficulty committing to anything from work to attending classes to appointments. my grades are terrible and I'm ending my junior year in college, even though I'm really intelligent, I write extremely well and I got a 2100 on my SATs. and it's very evident from conversation that I'm intellectually apt, everyone's been telling me I'm smart and well above the average since childhood. I've been on the anti-depressant Wellbutrin XL 150 mg, since I have had 5 years of chronic depression. It's helping in terms of energy levels and being alert, and has increased my attention span... but not with all the other things.
My psychiatrist has referred me to get tested for ADD and I am next week, I just don't know what to expect. even if I do get diagnosed with it and I get prescribed, I am worried about possible interactions with the Wellbutrin.
any insight would be much appreciated.