I have a 7 year old son that is on Vyvanse. He has been on it about 2 months. His grades have come up. He's making all A's, his classroom habits is now an E instead of an N.

The teachers are all telling me do not stop whatever you are doing. I am thrilled!

BUT... of course there has to be a downfall. He has started going #2 on himself. Never had this problem before. He says he just holds it until he cant any longer. Im like then if you know to hold it, then just go in and use the rr.

Sometimes its like he does not even realize he has done it. I have been grounding him from playing outside, no tv.

I assumed it was laziness or he did not want to miss out on playing with his friends, and it may be, but he has never done this before and it started suddenly. I googled and found another lady who was having the same issue.

I absolutely do not know what to do! PLEASE HELP!!