Hi ... My darling daughter just diagnosed with ADHD (it wasn't a surprise) as she doesn't sit still. Also she has learning disability and a few others. A new Iep. She is not on medication Yet. But I took her to a dental school and she was accepted into the program last month for braces. We r so excited. But I just got a letter tonight saying the dental school has changed their minds about her. She would have to be sedated frequently for braces and this will impede the treatment of her care in a timely manner. I am devastated because we cant afford to get her braces anywhere else.
I feel it is so unfair to her. Because she cant sit still she cant be a candidate at the dental school. I feel she is being discriminated against. Also I know there are drugs that can help ADHD children sit still. Maybe there are some pills she can take on days she has to stay calm for the appointment. But the dental school just flat out cancelled and "wished us luck". we had an appt to get her 7 teeth pulled. I signed an agreement in Baltimore or DC. Dental Services at dental schools for children with ADHD should not be impeded because the child has adhd. The dentist was actually a little rude one day when I first got the diagnosis and told him that she had recently been diagnosed with ADHD and (while she wiggled in the "chair") he in a rude tone said why don't you medicate her? and I told him I hadn't gotten the appointment w the paediatrician yet.

Any suggestions? I really want to make this dental school keep thier side of the contract and want to talk to someone as I feel this is discrimination. I have her dental school medical records that mention only that she may need medication and the letter kicking her out.

i will bet this is more common at dental school that people realizes. Any answers greatly apprecated!!!