I was diagnosed with ADD about 20 yrs ago when seeking help for my elementary school age daughter. It was a "light bulb" moment. In those past two decades I have gone through stretches of time on various medications, then times without,.

Now in my 50's, I determined it was "enough" & last fall stopped taking any medication for ADD. A few days ago I came across my Vyvanese 40 mg & decided to take one. I had the best day I can remember in a very long time! Not any kind of exhilaration or anything exceptional, but just not feeling totally lost, overwhelmed, uninspired is what made it a good day.

So I find myself reconsidering getting off all medications for ADD because I have not functioned well without.

If anyone is wondering why I stopped taking medications, there were multiple reasons. (1) I just don't want to rely on medication. (2) financial. (3) fear of how the medications can be doing residual harm. (4) so many doctor visits. (5) frustrations in getting RX filled (like when Ritalin became hard to find) ... there are a few.

Can anyone reflect on what damage the various top ADD medications can be doing to the body & soul of a person edging towards senior?