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ADHD - why do I feel so fustrated and upset all the time and wanting to give up?

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indygo 15 Apr 2013

I was the same way before I started taking adderall and adderall xr. I'm more calm and don't get frustrated anymore. I also take Valium 10mg three times a day.

Rebeccasun 15 Apr 2013

My doc told me that it was best that we treated my depression first and then start me on ADHD prescription. The more and more i learn about what ADD is and the symptoms, the more and more i understand why its been so hard, the better i feel hopeful and more excepting of myself. Im not alone. Thank God because i was starting to feel like giving up because as i get older the more and more responsibilities i gained. does not make it any easier in life to control without being a emotional mess! the depression i feel will remain untill i can find the strength to leave my boyfriend that on a day by day bases torments me with words and abandonment. He controls my moods by physiologically pushing me to tears draining my energy and sucking the life out of me. He took my kids and i up north with him to start over with promises of change and happiness. Im now living a nightmare trying to find a way back home. But if it wasnt for him i would of never had the break down i had to ask the E.R. free discount card

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