I started Vyvanse 2 weeks ago. I went from 30mg to 50mg 7 days on each mg. It works really well and I am seeing my doctor Monday to let her know my results. I have one question though before I go. The first and 2nd day on Vyvanse, I was sleeping very little in which was good, about 6 hours a day. I had a problem before staying awake all day sleeping 12-14 hours and still tired all the time and that's why I asked for a stimulant. I am now going back to sleep after 5 hours after taking Vyvanse and I'm at 50mg. Should I ask to take another dose at that time or try another ADHD stimulant? Vyvanse is working really well though .My teachers have seen improvement, I have and my work has in just 2 weeks of taking this. Only problem is , it's doesnt last long enough for me to have a productive day