I am 23 y/o male and I have been diagnosed with adhd since I was 6 y/o. During that time, I have been on Ritalin, Strattera, and Adderall. I have hated all of them Ritalin and Adderall gave me the jittery, emotional, overfoucsed, and just an overall down feeling. So for a long time I thought there was no hope for finding the right treatment or medicine for me, and just hope that I could just "out grow' the disorder. So, I started back school and realized that I does not just go away, and starting failing. I went and talk to my doctor and he suggested Vyvanse, which has worked great, because I do not have the side effects like with the other medications. The only thing is i take it about 7 every morning and I have 14 hour days between school and work but around 1 I get start feeling very irritated about the smallest thing, which the same happened with the other medicines after they wear off, but I though Vyvanse was a 12 hour pill. So I have just been dealing with it as best I can for the remaning hours. I was going to just take another pill to see if maybe I needed a higher does, but haven't consulted with my doctor so thought that might not be the best idea, but I would like some advice because either I have a high tolerance, which I do not think is true because I was on 10mg of adderall ir. My doctor has me on 30mg Vyvanse so do you suggest I up the mg or maybe try another option. Any suggestions would be helpful