... provider that Vyvanse is no longer covered? What did your doctor switch you to?

I have been taking vyvanse for years (was on 60mg ER and a 20mg booster) and it literally changed my life. I hated adderall - made me sleepy all day - and when they stopped covering vyvanse I was first switched to Adderall XR 30mg with a 10mg IR booster. Needless to say, it was awful. I slept all day and night. For those of us who actually have ADHD - Adderall can make you tired. Those who don't have ADHD and take it get the opposite effect.

My doctor switched me this month to Focalin 30mg ER and a 10mg IR booster. It's been better than Adderall, but not as good as Vyvanse was for me.

The last option is Dexedrine, but my doctor said it would probably be the same results as Adderall. He said that he might be able to petition the insurance company to cover vyvanse going forward, but not until we've tried the meds that have generic versions.

Has anyone else gone through this? I apologize if it's already been addressed, but I'm new to the forum.

Hoping that the focalin gets a little better for me as I am just starting my second week of it. There are some benefits to Focalin, but I still feel slightly tired all the time, which I never did with Vyvanse