I was diagnosed with adult ADHD a little over a year ago, and I have been struggling with finding the correct medication, dosage of medication, and doctor. I have a long, complicated history of various mental health issues, but have not had such a great impact on depression/ADHD/sleep/motivation issues besides the first 6 months of being prescribed adderall. That being said, I have never trusted my current pdoc about his knowledge of stimulants (he has suggested that tolerance is impossible, which I have experienced firsthand to be untrue, that there is no way adderall would cause sleepiness, and that my prescription for Prozac could not interfere with the effectiveness of adderall... All of these statements I have found to be questionable considering my own and others' experiences).

A few months after being prescribed adderall (starting at 10mgs 2X per day, up to 20 msg 3X per day) I began to experience tolerance and side effects (such as muscle spasms and bladder pain). I addressed SOME of these issues with magnesium supplements, but still experience jaw clenching, random muscle spasms, lower pelvic pain, and general intolerance to adderall. I have had exploratory surgery to look for signs of pelvic issues, and have even had a mouth-guard made for nights to address jaw-clenching and neck muscle spasms. I have problably "spent" more than $10,000 (mostly credit) on issues related to adderall in the past year.

I recently decided to consult another doctor who specializes in sleep disorders. At the time, it seems that I had my current adderall dosage (20 mgs 3x per day) under control with magnesium and muscle relaxers. So she wrote me a scrip for the adderall (amphetamine salt) dose I was currently on, and I filled it. I had a previously scheduled appointment with my first doctor, and decided to keep it, given that the adderall side effects were increasing again, and I wanted to try a new medication (Focalin, which I felt would be less toxic). I had a prescription written for Focalin (brand name, because I really am starting to doubt the quality of generics, and I can't afford adderall XR brand name), and I attempted to fill that 7 days after the last prescription of adderall. I had consulted both my pharmacy and insurance company about the drug switch, but did not tell my "current" (previous) doctor about the other doctor visit or prescription. This was obviously a big mistake on my part, and I
Had debated whether or not to explain that I was simply looking at other options. This was not "doctor shopping" as it is implied, but simply me seeking a second opinion. I discontinued the use of the adderall prescription from the 2nd doctor as soon as I started noticing side effects again, and still have the bottle of this medication sitting in a cabinet, untouched.
After much confusing with my insurance company regarding "prior authorization," I was finally told by the pharmacy that they had contacted my first doctor to make sure the prescription for focalin was ok, considering the recent prescription for adderall from a different doctor (which I had not been taking). Ultimately, my first doctor "cancelled" the focalin prescription. Now I am afraid I have been "flagged," and will have trouble seeking treatment in the near future.
Obviously, my short-term options are to go unmediated (which has shown to make me absolutely USELESS) for the next 3 weeks, to take adderall, which gives me bad side effects, or to "risk it" by seeing my 2nd doctor and asking for a prescription for Focalin, pay without insurance, and hope I haven't been "flagged" on a state database. I live in Texas.
I am not abusing drugs, selling them, or giving them away. I am simply trying to figure out a way to function. The adderall seems to have left me worse-off than I was before it, and it seems like no one wants to help me explore less toxic options.

What is my next best move? Cancel future appointments with the "first" pdoc, then see the second, and try to fill a Focalin scrip with a different pharmacy before the magical "30-day" period? If I do this, I will have to subsist on adderall and all of its side effects for 2 weeks. Should I try to explain the situation with my first pdoc in person? Or is that situation lost? If I try to refill a new scrip for Focalin from a new doctor at a new pharmacy, will I have been "flagged?" I am not a drug seeker, but just tying to find treatment and the best doctor.

Does anyone have any suggestions?