I'm sorry this will be a lengthy one. OK so alittle background, I think I may have adult ADD but not especially sure and could use some advice from those that have been clinically diagnosed. My symptoms are:

Details are lost to me in my day to day life. I often find myself making quick incorrect decisions or outright not making decisions at all because I am unsure when I have been told and forget the details I needed to know. Only to recall them later in the day or the next and kick myself.

I often find myself lost in conversations. People will talk to me and I drift in and out, and even when I really attempt to focus as hard as I can on the conversation I find that I easily become lost again. Not only is this frustrating I find it's detrimental when the conversation has to do with my job and whats expected of me.

I start multiple projects and don't finish them. I enjoy trying different things, from learning new languages, programming, playing games and working with different music and art programs. Which is amusing and all but really all it means is my room and computer space is filled with dozens of half finished projects and wasted programs I've wasted money on.

I'm kinda restless. I never really noticed myself but recently even more so than in the past people have been telling me that I pace allot and generally cannot stay still or seated for too long. I don't consider this a problem really but just a symptom.

A couple of weeks ago I was in a field training session for my area of study (I won't go into details concerning my profession) when I made a mistake that I told myself a dozen times before I began not to make but I still did, when I became so angry with myself that I shook, my heart raced and I thought I was having a panic attack. Which at the time I didn't think was too far out of the realm of possibility because a year or so back I was told by my previous doctor when seeking help for what I thought was a thyroid problem because I was always extremely cold, that it was just stress. So I did something out of character and sought help, I met with a new physician that day because I thought I needed to see someone immediately. After the standard list of questions he told me I was suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and wrote me a script for Buspirone without even asking me why I thought may have triggered the anxiety. I didn't say anything, thanked him and went on to fill the prescription. I've been taking it regularly twice a day since and always on a full stomach, and aside from the dizziness, nausea and general sedating quality of the stuff it's also causing me to make more mistakes. But because of the nature of the medication I just don't care as much. I think I'm going to stop taking it.

On to the real question after all my rambling, I have done some research on my own and think I fit the description of an adult with un-diagnosed ADD but I'm nervous to tell my doctor I've attempted to self diagnose myself and have a medication in mind already, I think he will think I'm just a drug seeker and write me off, because I'm also still a student. And yes my school work suffers from time to time from my forgetfulness just as my work life does.

Looking for some advice on how I should handle this whole situation. Thanks in advance.