I have been taking subs for about 2-3 months and have been doing pain killers, hydro's, right along even together sometimes, probably 5-10 in a day and then would wait a week then back at it for another day, and I know suboxone is a blocker, but anyways I only take maybe a quarter of a suboxone 8mg strip so probably 2mg a day maybe 4mg and the other day after being on them pretty straight a couple months I didn't have any and I felt like complete hell, so I know it's time to slowly get off the horse and into reality, I have severe anxiety and I take xanax .5mg when needed but I don't get any of this prescribed I medicate myself because I have no insurance, any how since im not really that far into my addiction trying to find advice on what to do or how to trim myself off opiates all together, the highest pain pill I have done in the past 6 months is probably vicodin, percocet or lortab 10's and they don't really do much for me I just like sniffing them and I started taking the suboxone because of the buzz and I didn't need to waiste money on pills but its time to quit eventually, any advice is appreciated.