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Atrial Fibrillation - Anyone noticed a corelatiion between digestive problems and afib attacks?

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mc1946 23 Oct 2014

Rita, yes I have noticed that my afib really acts up after I eat. In fact I never had afib until after my colon surgery a year ago. I was just diagnosed a couple months ago. The meds dont seem to be doing much I still get episodes daily I'm on metropolol er 12.5 once a day and elequis 5mg 2 times a day.
it's getting so I'm afraid to eat.

Rita Bowers 7 Apr 2015

Since my meds were changed from Rythmol to sotalol I have only had one episode in 6 months. I also am now a big fan of DGL suggested by my primary doc. It is a product purchased in a health food store for digestion and seems to be working for me. free discount card

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