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Atorvastatin - is there lawyers aganist the drug.lipitor?

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kaismama 1 Jun 2014

There are lawyers who will sue for any drug. All you have to do is watch tv for the ones in your area. What happened to you with it? I have fibromyalgia and it made it like it suddenly got 10x worse. I couldn't even sit upright for very long.

marcopolish 6 Sep 2015

Just google around, you'll find some.

Pigletsmama 15 Jun 2014

I was on Lipitor for years when younger, then taken off it as it caused severe gastritis. Was off it for years, and recently my new dr put me on Crestor 5mg. as my # was 350. I stayed on it for a month and endured 'gripping' tingling/numbness/prickley feelings/ pins and needles all over my body, plus edema in feet and ankles and muscle spasms in feet and ankles that I never had before. It brought my CHOL down from 350 to 280 in a month, but I told the dr I couldn't bear taking it anymore. My new dr insists I take simvastatin, insists I need to get my CHOL down with a statin. But I'm just plain afraid of taking it. And there is so much controversy about statin drugs and the various ways they affect people. I'll be looking for natural remedies for high CHOL as I just can't tolerate the statins (although some people have no side effects-- have read plenty about that too). As far as lawyers, I don't know. Kaismama had a good answer-you see them advertise on TV for other meds. Can you say how Lipitor affected you? Maybe someone here has some good suggestions. free discount card

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