... with dry, itchy patches of skin in the crooks of my arms and legs since I was a child, but in the past 7-8 years the rash has spread to my face, around my eyes, my upper and lower lip, my chin, around my ears, etc. I have patches on my sholders, and I USED to have the "soft" underside of my forearms conpletely covered by such a rash, but that rash DID go away due to emong gluetan from my diet. The rest of the rashes haven't responded to the lack of gluten and having no insurance I only am about to attend a community clinic for refills and reatment once a month. My doctor now has me on staph battling antibiolties because he says that in the almost 10 years since I gota staph infection, the staph must have rebuilt its strength in my body which is why NOTHING is working (working a cash register during the '02 holiday season, always scratching the stressful rash lef to me being in bed for the entirety of the last Xmas my grandparents were with us). I can't use moisturizers of any kind, with the exception of Cereve lotion, and even then that can cause the BURN sometimes. I drink a lot of water, I've tried allergy elimination diets to see if change would happen (am still gluten free though), to no results. I have to wear gloves to bed or else I wake up with scabby gashes and blood under my fingernails or either my boyfriend wakes me, telling me that I'm scratching and need to stop. So lately, I just haven't bee sleeping. What do I do? I don't have a tub so I ca't try the BLEACH BATHS (I know, I know) that my doctor thinks will help, but also I can't even run some Aveeno Excema Therepy Lotion or even a .1% Cortisone ointment or cream on without feeling this burn stat starts and gets so bad I have to wet towels and rub the stuff off, which makes me start scratching to satisfy the never-ending itch, and then it just gets worse and worse. I can't work without shame, because my face is covered with the rash, and my skin is so dry and tight right now that opeing my mouth to take a bite of something causes it to crack and hurt (sometimes bleed, even... ust from taking a bite and trying to EAT). I'm at the end of my tether and dont know what to do. I can't even cry because that makes the rash spread and dry out even more, so the only thing I can do is ASK: what should I do?