If you don't mind, here's a Not so breif history (sorry)...
7 years ago started taking .5mg of Ativan at night for sleep, because someone gave me 1 since I was having insomnia. felt so normal the day morning I continued taking the same dose every night for 4 years. started getting panic atacks after a while, just a few, so the doc upped my Ativan to a whole mg for 3 months. After that the Ativan started doing the opposite to me at night. when I took it , it gave me panic after 30 mins of taking it.
a psychiatrist was brought in at that point, and immediately gave me remeron at night, and told me to take 1/4 mg Ativan 3 times a day till I wean off Ativan. that worked, was on remeron for 2 years. but even being on remeron, I developed a lot of fears like driving on freeways, heights, etc,,, the then started tapering the remeron since it was making me feel worse after a while. once they pulled me off I felt great for a week just taking melatonin, but a week after that, I started getting intense adrenalin rushed , shaking and always in a state of panic. figured it could be remeron withdrawal, but doc said now way. It was so bad and only getting more debilitating. shaking, rocking, screaming, crying, heart palps, twitching, couldn't eat. just out of my mind thnking I was dying. I started calling people and saying goodbye. Called the pdoc and he said to try antihistamines. that only made it worse. went to my primary doc, and he immediately gave me an Ativan .5mg I didn't want to take it because I was so dependent on it years ago, I was afraid. but I took it and it brought me down to a normal level. then he said to take another2 hours later, felt a little better for a while, then got jittery by the evening. Then I had to take another whole 1mg at bedtime. after 30 mins I got really shaKy from in and then finally went to sleep. I forgot to mention, during my week of panic, I only slept 2 hours a night. so this time I slept 8 hours, but woke up so jittery,and loopy. do you think 1mg is just to strong? is 1/2 better. doc is planning on starting me on a regular ssri next week, but keeping me on Ativan, 1mg a night for about 3 weeks. I certainly don't ant to go against his help, but is 1mg to strong? does 1mg last longer that 1/2 or is it just the strength of it? He's going to ease in Lexapro slowly next week. Do I likely have an underlying anxiety or panic disorder or is it the meds messing with me? WILL BEING ON ATIVAN GET ME HOOKED AFTER 3 WEEKS? DOC SAYS NO??
Thank you for reading AND ANY HELP YOU CAN OFFER.