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Can ativan be taken with xanax?

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kaismama 3 Mar 2013

If they are both prescribed for you. Since they are the same type of medication, its not usually prescribed to use both at the same time.

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auntniknik 3 Mar 2013

I wouldn't think so since they are used for the same thing. I have never taken Ativan, so I am speaking as a patient. I would be afraid to try since they both relax your breatheing! It you change from one to the other you should probably start it the next morning.

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happybrandee 3 Mar 2013

I am not a nurse, doctor , or a pharmacist, but I have taken both meds at different times and I know what they are used for and what they do and i would imagine that you shouldn't take them at the same time because you can get over sedated they both tend to make you sleepy.
Hope this helps!

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Inactive 5 Mar 2013

Hello bababob,

No they should not be taken at the same time. Actually you should decide which one you want and stay with it, but please do not take both.

Best to you ... pamee

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Dayna63 9 Sep 2017

Well I did not know that but taking them together prevented painful panic attacks. For 3 weeks I was attack free then the Ativan ran out. Doctor never told me there would be a problem until his nurse called me earlier today. I needed this information last Friday. Today my therapist basically doesn't want to see me anymore because I had to take extra Xanax to keep a big panic attack from fully forming last Wednesday. Yesterday I was so drained by the experience that I got nothing done all day. So now I get to suffer with this until next Tuesday or longer depending on if I get any help with it. I have chronic back pain. I stopped taking pain meds in March after taking them for almost 10 years. I was told by one health care professional that I stopped taking pain meds wrong and that is why I have high blood pressure problems and panic attacks. I still have the chronic back pain plus all this other crap. Why is it so difficult to find help?

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WildcatVet 9 Sep 2017

Both are benzodiazepine class sedatives used for the same purpose. Taken together increases the risk of addiction, over sedation, and psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, memory loss, etc.

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chuck1957 9 Sep 2017

DAY63; I AM WITH MY FRIEND WILDCAT; VERY GOOD INFO FROM HER I DO KNOW PEOPLE THAT TAKE ONE ON A REGULAR BASIC AND USE THE OTHER ONE FOR SEVERE ATTACKS BUT IT IS STILL A BIT RISKY DUE TO THE ADDICTION PROBLEM. And look at it this way it is probably good that this therapist told you to go else where maybe you will strike gold and find one that will help you. When you see the doctor just make sure you impress that nobody ever told you that you should not take together.But there are many different combinations of medications that will work a lot better than 2 benzodiazepines.

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SemperFi86 25 Jul 2019

What can happen of you take Ativan and Xanax together, or within like 2 hours of each other?

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