I have been taking Ativan for a little over two weeks straight now.

My dosage was 1.5mg daily taking three .5mg doses a day to help deal with anxiety. I am coming toward the end of my prescription and I wanted to wean off it to be safe. I lowered my dose to 1mg daily taking two doses of .5mg a day.

My questions are

1) do I need to wean off to a lower dose before I stop or do I not even need to wean off? I have only two or three days left of my prescription and was curious if I should reorder it.

2) since I've only been on Ativan consistently for a little over two weeks will I experience withdrawal symptoms?

The reason I ask is because I lowered my dose four days ago and three days after I did this I started feeling anxious again. I'm just curious because I'm not sure if the anxiety is caused by the Ativan leaving my system or if I do need to refill my prescription until I get my anxiety under better control.

I am going to therapy and part of me wants to not rely on medication but I'm not sure if I'm giving it enough time to help me stay calm and let therapy work. I have more calm while on the Ativan but I know it is potent and can be addicting. I'm just looking for a little help because I'm trying to eliminate one more thing to stress about.

My doctor has not been the greatest in that when I asked him if there was anything I could on as needed basis after the Ativan he prescribed me Zoloft, from which I understand is not something that you take as needed.

I'm sorry if I went on a bit of a rant but this is a scary time for me. If you need more clarification on any facts please just ask. Thank for your help