I was prescribed Ativan by my doc for anxiety and panic (1mg pills). I was to take these on a as needed basis. As it turned out, I started takeing 1 every morning and on occasion up to 3 a day as my stress warrented. This has been going on for about 5 months. Today is Wednesday and I have not taken any pills since Saturday and I feel like I am going insane and I got a stress ball in my gut that will not stop. I tried the easycalm stuff to no avail. I was at work Mon and Tuesday and felt like I wanted to run away. I was sweating, had a mild fever and once again the stress in my gut was to the point it was like glass in my stomach. Like I said, today is Wednesday and my eyes opened this AM and the pain was still there and my mind was racing, so I took the day off. I did some reading on Adivan dependance/addiction and my symptoms almost matched all the ones listed. I broke down and took one of my pills and I am feeling much better. Am I addicted? Seems to me that there may be something going on, because after I took the pill, I felt better! I want to get off of these things and try and find some other way to get my crazy ass in check! Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated!