I have been on Ativan for 24 months. I started at 1mg 3x a daily but since about a year ago I’ve only taken 0.-25 to 0.50 daily. I cannot substitute Valium for Ativan and wean off that way so I would like help with a taper method that would leave me with little withdrawal symptoms. I take zopiclone to sleep so I think that will help a bit. I recently had to take extra Ativan at night when I didn’t have my zopiclone and took up to 0.75 daily and just using that for 3 weeks and going back down to 0.5 daily caused me withdrawal symptoms.
I really need to be off these pills, I’ve lost my memory bad since starting taking these, I don’t remember long or short term memories for basically the past two years. I have a busy life and a daughter and I need to be better for her. I have diabetes and get really bad migraines and I’m really nervous I’m going to have a seizure, that’s probably my most biggest fear.
Anything advice would be great, thank you so much.