I was taking ativan for a few years and I decided that I wanted to get off it because it wasn't really helping with my anxiety anymore, which was about a month ago. I also recently did a medical detox to quit suboxone as well around the same time. I now have trouble sleeping which was never really a problem for me, and whatever I take it doesn't seem to help (not prescriptions, just over-the-counter drugs). I still have muscle spasms in my arms and legs frequently (similar to when i was having withdrawls from suboxone) and it makes it impossible to sleep or lay still and it makes me feel just restless. My sleeping habits when I was on them were fine. I just think that this is weird that after a month this is still going on. Could getting off ativan possibly have made muscle spasms worse? Has anyone else had this problem when quitting ativan and/or suboxone? Is it possible to still be having withdrawl symptoms after a month? It's really driving me crazy!!!