Hi there,

I am a 21 year old women who based on my previous posts have always suffered from anxiety. Ive been put on paxil 2 years ago huy decided to stop it 3 months ago... bog mistake. My issue now is that i have relapsed again with the usual symptoms; depressed, very anxious, no appetite and the worse... insomnia. I was in the ER three nightd ago cuz i had a very bad nocturnal panic attacks. They gave me a few doses of ativan which i have been taking for 2 nights. It calms me down when i feel the panic coming. And I restarted paxil 4 days ago.
I was prescribed seroquel and zyprexa in the past to help my sleep. Should i go back to these instead of ativan?

I just want to find the best way to sleep,

Thanks alot