Took Ativan for 2 years for sleep, dosage .5 but usually half of a .5. Averaged 3 to 4 times a week. 30 pills would last me 90 days. Did not even know I had a problem with it until I stopped taking as often as I had. Then I started have a weird feeling in my head, BP went up, got panic attacks. Was put on BP meds and felt awful thinking it was the blood pressure meds making me feel this way. Finally after months I figured it out that it was the Ativan and I was having withdrawal. Had only taken 14 pills in 90 days, had to do a taper and it was the hardest thing I had ever done. I also hard a itchy rash on my chest that no one could explain and so many other side effect from coming off this crazy drug. Been off 45 days and feeling pretty good. The only thing I cannot get a clear answer on is, I have this weird feeling in my head and it comes and goes. Tightness and sort of like my brain feels tingly. Just hard to explain, but also at times my BP is elevated and heart beats loud, guess that is palpitation's. So my question is, am I still having residual effects of the Ativan withdrawal?