I was very recently sent to the ER due to heart palpitations stemming from stress induced anxiety, not a pre-existing condition (three days ago). I'm a 20 year old female, 5'6", 160 lbs, and I've never suffered with any form of anxiety before. They gave me Ativan in the ER, and gave me a small prescription when I was sent home. It got my heart rate down at the time, but since then I've still been experiencing lingering feelings of anxiety (shakiness, weakness, nervousness, restlessness, slightly faster than normal heart rate, unable to sleep). I've been taking extremely small doses (0.5-1mg) of the Ativan at night in order to sleep and not feel those lingering anxiety feelings, but it doesn't seem to help besides making me drowsy, and even then it seems to be prolonging my symptoms. The drowsiness has also lingered into the next day following taking the Ativan and its causing unpleasant head fog/slowness and general zombieness. As this seems to be a temporary state of anxiety, should I continue to take it, should I quit it altogether and find something over the counter and not as heavy, or should I just forget medication and deal with this through all of the other hollistic treatment?