prescribed Lorezepam compounded into a cream up to 4 times daily on my wrists. I am presently maintaining with 3. My problem is that for whatever reason, a week ago Sunday (Aug 11th), I began to go into complete withdrawal - and nothing had been changed! At least on the surface.
Apparently the pharmacist compounded the dosage into such a way as it was a smaller dosage of cream and the drug. I got half the cream, seemingly with the drug twice as strong.
Now I don't know why I went into withdrawal, but it has been and is sheer hell! Sweats, sleepwalking, confusion, falling, etc. Seems like everything on the "symptoms of withdrawal" list, I checked! Saw my therapist today, who called i in the nurse, who called the pharmacist... and I see my psychologist in the morning to hopefully get a handle on everything.
My biggest question is: Why?! Why withdrawal symptoms while still taking the med? First time with Lorezepam and definitely the last. I look forward to hearing some suggestions. I am tapped out.