I have been prescribed 4 X 0.5mg daily of Ativan by a psychiatrist, for my panic disorder.
I previously took Zoloft 100mg daily and diazepam 5mg as needed (I didn't take many of them) but they did help tremendously when I had panic.

Then I went to a psychiatrist who prescribed the Ativan... Which I didn't find effective.

So after 13 days on them, I contacted my psychiatrist to ask if I could stop taking them and swap back to diazepam on an as needed basis, but I'm now having massive panic attacks!!! They are HORRIBLE!!! I was sure I was dying today, with waves of hot flushes and then thinking I would pass out. I ended up taking 10mg of Valium to stop the panic (5mg wasn't enough).

Is this Ativan withdrawal??? It's the worst feeling ever! I've never experienced withdrawal from diazepam, and I've had it prescribed on and off for 13 years (sometimes taken for a month and then stopped).

Can someone help me? I'm so scared