... panic disorder 2 1/2 years ago. I had never struggled with these things before, but after some serious life-changes and unexpected grief/loss my body responded with some intense anxiety-- the depression came along a year or so after my struggle with anxiety revealed itself. All of this to say, I was VERY hesitant about taking medicine at the start of all of this (I flushed my first prescribed bottles down the toilet.. I'm clearly a bit stubborn) but soon realized I needed to medicine to cope with my disorders. I was prescribed lorazapam early on in all of this, and blindly took it with little research and a bit too much trust in my doctor (a family friend). I have been on lorazapam now for two years, and have developed a dependance on it. I have endured a miscarriage (just in the last few months), chronic pain and all sorts of other things during this battle-- and any time I had tried to get off my body. hates. me. I have other coping mechanisms now after better understanding my condition and after researching over the last bit realize that it is NOT recommended to be on this drug for a long period of time. Do any of you have any resources that might be helpful for someone trying to get off of this drug? It would be GREATLY appreciated. For the record, I am also currently on 50 mg of Sertraline + 300 mg of XL Bupropion