... are "Illegal". Illegal because they do not have a prescription label attached (I carry laminated copies in my wallet. A pill description would help?). I take 20 carbidopa-levodopa a day and receive my medicine in big three-month containers, with prescriptions on them. I now unscrew the bottom and leave the key-chain container bottoms in the car. I've asked the guards--all friendly, co-operative--to please cite the statute? They could not; finally saying; well, their instructor told them. I can see officers in the field being helped with all medicines having prescriptions affixed. But that law should be explicitly on the books, not just officer's implicit, sincere notions of need for such. On-the-other-hand, when I've observed other old folks like me with similar small medicine containers on their key-rings; they strongly advocate our need for such. I believe we need a state law saying the use of such containers for prescribed medicines is not illegal if the carrier also has on them (in their wallet) the matching prescriptions with pill ID's.