My 12 yr old had a near fatal asthma attack last week. He was in the hospital for nearly a week. The problem is, I can't afford all the meds he needs. The insurance will take two and a half months to be ok'ed. I am terrified he will have another attack, which was an absolute nightmare. When he was released today, the hospital did not even give us a couple of doses, just in case. I am SO grateful the doctors saved his life, but also I am SO embarrassed that I cannot afford this badly needed medicines. Is there any way I can get these meds? My son cannot wait until May or possibly, June for these meds. Even as I am writing this, his little body is fighting for each breath. Can anyone please help us? BTW, this was the first time he had such an attack. I was unaware of his having asthma, thinking it was just allergies all this time. Thank You