I was diagnosed and have suffered with Chronic Bronchitis/Asthma since 2003. I have the 'non-allergic' type of asthma. I am a 56 (& 3/4) years of age male.

When I become winded, an attack is certain to ensue. My journeyman carpentry career in the commercial construction industry was ended after 32 years, being replaced in (only) the 3rd year of my condition's existence. (a carpenter who cannot become winded without having to stop working and sit down for 1/2 hour or so, is non-productive and therefore, non-marketable.
I can stop the attack if I am able to inhale albuterol soon enough, but I will always have to stop whatever I was doing to become winded and concentrate on gaining control of my vitals. (i.e. slow, deep breaths nasally inhaled, to prevent hyperventilation and to slow my accelerated heart rate)

I read (today) that Salmeterol is linked to asthma related deaths. I have been prescribed and use albuterol (2 puffs, 4-6 x's daily as needed) and Qvar was my maintenance inhaler until 2010. Then, a new doctor prescribed Advair 250/50, which I have used daily, ever since. It actually seemed to be better for me (than Qvar) because my attacks lessened in frequency. However, that could be the result of my experience with the condition and dislike for attacks.

If I am taking unnecessary risks with my use of Advair, is there an alternative maintenance inhaler which will offer the same results, without the increased risk of an asthma related death, with which I can replace the Advair diskus?

Thank you for any and all consideration I may receive.
Sincerely, blsev