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Astelin - suggestion for treating vasomotor rhinitis?

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marrisea 19 Jul 2017

I have been given Generic Astelin.
Axelastine HCI Nasal spray. Two sprays in each nostril twice a day.
It works, however, doesn't last longer than 4 hours for me. Since I can only take it every 12 hours, it's not the best answer for me.
I'm in the process of being evaluated for Balloon Sinuplasty by my ENT. Hopefully, this will give me some relief. My quality of life has been severely affected the past year by the Vasomotor Rhinitis.
Warm moist heat helps me with the headaches. Zyrtec D helps, but doesn't help the symptoms much better.
I've kept a Journal of Triggers and that has helped.
Flutcatisone Propionate Nasal spray helps a lot, however, again it's only to be used twice a day, every 12 hours. It does last longer than the Axelastine.
My triggers are barometric pressure, humidity, cold dry air or dry heat, perfumes, cleaning products, wood smells, and paint or finishing products.
I'm only allergic to grasses - nothing else.
Zyrtec can handle the grass allergies.
Don't know if I've helped to answer your question. Good luck. free discount card

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