I suffer with ADHD because I cannot concentrate.
When I was younger they put me on Ritalin and as I got older they put me on Adderall(Not hyper)
I am 33 years old and now suffer with anxiety and bipolar.
The doctor prescribed Lexapro for my anxiety and it didnt Work it gave me extremely bad headaches.
He also gave me Klonopins and I don't think that is working either.
So I weaned myself off of it and stop taking it.
Last time I was at the doctor's I told him I have bipolar anxiety and he told me there is no such thing that I could have that.
My cousins also suffer with the same thing. At this point I don't know what to do or what to take or where to find help.
I need the extra help does anybody know by your experience is there a good bipolar anxiety medication out there???