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Can I use Aspirin as preventive drug for heart attack ?

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Inactive 27 May 2013

Hello Salam37. Yes. As long as you are not allergic to aspirin. Regards pledge

MacIntosh12 27 May 2013

Hi Salam37,
Yes, a low dose (Bayer sells one specifically for this purpose) aspirin will help in the prevention of heart attack. It's proven that men that take low dose aspirin, DAILY, are greatly helped..
Best wishes to you,

MacIntosh12 27 May 2013

I do beg pardon, but ARE you currently having chest pain or left arm pain or weakness?! This is VERY IMPORTANT, if you are currently having this and/or jaw pain on your left side, please go to your nearest hospital as soon as possible or call for an ambulance!

ronald68 27 May 2013

I have had 3 heart attacks and 2 stints. When I finally listened to my doctor, I started taking bayer 81mg aspirin everyday. My last heart attack was in 07. So I highly recommend it daily in the prevention of one. Hope this will help you.

Kishan Vasekar 27 May 2013

Generally Aspirin is the safest drug for prevention of Heart attack. It works by inhibiting platelet mechanism and increasing time required for clot formation. It appears that you do not have any obvious heart problem (thank God ) so , i will recommend your doing the blood tests , checking the family history , and consulting good cardiologist before staring Aspirin on your own. It may cause side effects such as acidity and gasrtic bleeding.If you follow good regime of diet , exercise , stress management and try to lead Happy go lucky life , all will be Well- Take care and have a happy Heart--God Bless-I have survived severe heart attack , 40 days in ER and many complications and believe that I have survived by HIS grace to find New Life Mission--Save Million Hearts--welcome to join me on fase book-thanks

MacIntosh12 27 May 2013

Hi Mr. Vasekar,
Your information was great!
What you've survived is also quite great,.
Glad you are here on this site,
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