Hi so i need advice I caught herpes simplex 2 around 9 years ago. Never really had a genital outbreak since. But I've had a few outbreaks on my bum cheek. I recently had one and it was horrible (to me) I used the cream for the itching and acyclovir or what its called which i have a months worth of. It eventually went to scabbing I had intercourse but the penis didn't touch the area on my bum. However I stupidly had a sunbed yesterday which i feel has now triggered something. As im a little itchy and I can feel only what I can describe as like a nat bite in the area. Now I'm worried becuase i had intercourse yesterday the penis didn't touch the area as it's high up on my bumcheek. But my partners belly may have for like a few seconds. I know it may sound silly but im very worried. Will he catch this??? Thankyou.