Hello, I was taken to the Emergency Department 1wk ago when I suddenly started experiencing extreme back pain and incontinence (front & back). I am 43yrs old & I have Early Onset Parkinson's disease & Basilar Artery Migraines that can trigger seizures although I'm seizure free for about 7yrs now. I also had double phenomena & 12 blood clots in my lungs about 5yrs ago, so I'm a life long warfarin patient now. I was sitting outside about 1.5wks ago and when I leaned forward, I was hit by extreme pain in my lower back. It was so bad I actually wet myself. Being home by myself, I had no help. It took me 1hr to get inside and I cleaned up and went to bed with a wheat bag thinking it would be better in the morning. Upon waking I couldn't move & it took me 1.5hrs to get out of bed & another incident of incontinence. After waiting 4hrs to basically get brushed off by the home dr. service & 1 more incident of both front & back incontinence I called an ambulance. At the hospital I had a CT scan that showed 2 bulging discs & it was pressing on my spinal cord. I was eventually discharged with pain relief & muscle relaxants. 3 days later I was in my kitchen & I had a spasm so severe that my legs gave out & I fell backwards, landing hard on the floor & the wheel of the walker I've had to use. As a result of the fall I now have a thumbnail sized cut in my butt and a massive black bruise covering 90% of my butt. The cut has taken 4days to completely stop bleeding. Do you think that I should ask for another scan to rule out the chance of further damage as since the fall. I'm experiencing extreme back pain and now a lot of fluid retention in my lower legs & feet. Any recommendations?