I was on 20 for a week. Then 40 for three weeks and now 60mg for two weeks of Cymbalta. I've also been on Buspar 10mg twice a day for a week. I'm still struggling with anxiety, some panic attacks and negative thoughts that lead to the anxiety and panic attacks. I'm working with a really good therapist so I know that's gonna help. I'm just getting scared that I'm not getting better. I still need Xanax once or twice a day sometimes three times at .5. I try to take it as needed sometimes I only take it once. I'm so sorry to ask the same questions. But will it get better? Do I still need more time? Maybe I need to get to week 4 or 5 of the increase in Cymbalta to notice a difference. I just want to be better for my daughter. And so I can enjoy life and work again. I know that's what we all want.
Thanks again for listening and your encouragement. Also I started taking magnesium supplement at night and that helps me sleep. So there is positives in this. And I do see progress and so does my family. But I also see their frustration. My hubby was mad today becauseI wouldn't take my Xanax even though I was having a mini attack. I'm just tying to not take it as much as possible and get down when I have to take it. Thanks again for listening it helps to know you guys care
Xoxo hope