The pupils get smaller if you take Avodart because the drug affects the iris muscles. This complicates the cataract procedure. The eye Dr asked if I could stop taking the drug for 2 weeks prior to the cataract surgery for my right eye. This will be followed with cataract surgery on the other eye so I would be stopping Avodart for about 2 months.
I am also taking 10mg Xtral. Avodart dose is .5mg
My question is -- would the prostate enlarge noticeably in 2 months without Avodart ?
There is some doubt whether I actually needed the Avodart in the first place as my symptoms were frequent trips to the bathroom overnight. When I started using a CPAP for sleep apnea, the frequency decreased noticeably. I kept taking it partly due to it's effect on hair growth (or loss).