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Asenapine - Has anyone ever heard of Saphris being used for insomnia?

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Delila 5 Jun 2011

Hi saphris is primarily an anti-psychotic drug used in schizophrenia and bipolar. It has been trialed in patients with insomnia and some people have had great success from it. There are potentially a lot of side effects which the user could experience, but you could say that for most drugs. The answer is yes though, it can be successfully used for insomnia

ZanyZappers 3 Aug 2011

My psychiatrist prescribed this for me along with other sleep meds to aid with sleep because the Ambien and Klonopin were not keeping me asleep. While the Saphris put me in a deep state of sleep, in only lasted a couple of hours, then I was wide awake again.
With the Saphris, I noticed a severe inability to tolerate heat or cold. It became so severe that I literally couldn't leave the house in the summer or winter months. I finally discontinued it because the side effects outweighed any benefits that I got from the drug. Hope this helps! Good luck! free discount card

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