Hi.ples read profil as i am a member,just been away awhil,i was recently changed frm methodon(dones) to ms contin to c if itl help more with pain as iv been on the dones sinc 09.i hav a slight anxiety disorde tht didnt bothr me whil on dones,but if i did i had temazepam for sleep as needed(which was mayb 1 r 2 a mnth)then too was given valium also for cervical stenosis causin muscl spasms.so i need to no if i cn tak eithr whil on ms contin.dr knows im on them but with no ins u no drs dnt giv alota time to talk&wil make a decision on a dime if n a hurry.so just tryin to keep myself alive here.also does ms contin cause anxiety issues with anyone? Not too sure if i wnted stay on this med r not but need sum releif too.plez answer aftr readin profil of all meds im on&conditions i have. Thanks for all help.gud r bad! GODBLESS!!!