How and/or where can any one relate? I was prescribed Amitiza 24mcg twice daily for Chronic Constipation. It does produce both soft and runny stools every day, which was not happening before the medicine without use of Senocot or Colace or MOM, gallon of water a day, daily exercise, healthy eating (all healthy activities have temporarily ceased because of the possible sickness from the medicine, ie, exercise, nausea, no appetite, etc.)
Since taking Amitiza, and "thankful" to go everyday ( although something is not right), the very dark stools are going back and forth to solid to runny all morning (2 hours) and abdomen is very distended and still feels filled with something. Is the medicine irritating the intestines and filling with fluid? Feel like have the flu every day- runny nose, no energy, nauseated, could vomit, but don't, very bloated, "sick feeling", depressed, feel like gained weight, but don't eat that much. The runny stools look like possible "electrolytes" and other things that are being pulled out?? It's very odd. I evacuate, yet it still feels like I am backed-up! What do you think?
How do you think there is something really wrong because I never felt so awful everyday with the chills, cold and hot flashes, always shaking because feel cold all the time? I'm worried. Any input would be gratefully appreciated!
Do you think I should just discontinue this medication immediately and call the doctor? Then, drink a lot of water with Milk of Magnesia? That works to shrink the belly. That will determine if it is the Amitiza? What would you do? How would you proceed?
Someone please advise asap. Thank you so much for your time and suggestions. Please advise as many times as you want to start a conversation.