People love artificial sweeteners. There are a lot of problems connected to them. Just saw a report about some effects I hadn't recalled and thought I would pass them on.

Stroke risk increases substantially if family history and having only one beverage or item per day.

Kidney failure is linked, and been known for twenty years, at least, with more than two beverages or items per day.

Increases appetite and craving for carbs thereby encouraging weight gain. Because a person still wants something sweet and does not feel sated.

My doctor told me 23 years ago to stay away from these beverages when I was pregnant. It was felt that it leads to brain abnormalities in children. Just wanted to pass this along. Aspartame is one of the worst ones. Found in most diet sodas. Personally it gives me a headache.

Anyone with kidney related problems because of diseases or medications please stay clear so they don't overwork and you have more troubles.